Copt arrested for allegedly turning his home into a church


CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian police on Sunday arrested a Coptic man for allegedly turning his house into a church, police said.

Sulieman Ibrahim, a farmer from a village in the province of Sohag, about 290 miles (455 kilometers) south of Cairo, had turned his house into a church where Copts from the area prayed daily, police said.

Muslims in Ibrahim's village of Nag'a al-Keeman complained to police after
hearing people's prayers coming from the house, police said, who added that some of the Muslim villagers were planning to attack the house.

Some Christians live in Nag'a al-Keeman. The village is near the town of el-Kosheh, which was the center of violence against Christians in January 2000 in which 21 people, (All Copts), were massacred

This report clearly demonstrates the lies of the Egyptian Government's propaganda that is trying to falsely depict the Copts as living in harmony in Egypt, and shows how the Egyptian media is responsible for creating the culture of intolerence and hatred towards everything that is not Islamic to the point that regular Muslims every now and then attack a church alledging that the prayers are loud ignoring the fact that Mosques all over Egypt broadcats prayers through loud speakres caring less for the environment, students and the sick patients.

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