Dear Friends:
Lest we forget: These are the names of the Egyptian Christians martyred by Egyptian Muslims in the village of El-Kosheh, in Upper Egypt, exactly one year ago tomorrow, January 2 - 4, 2000..

1. Mahran Labib Shenouda, 44 years old, a driver, married with 5 children.
2. Abdel-Messih Mahrous Iskander, 55 years old, agriculture worker, married
with a son and a daughter who was also murdered in the same incident.
3. Samia Abdel-Messih Mahrous, 21 years old.
4. Ashraf Helmy Fahmy, 22 years old, single.
5. Al-Amir Helmy Fahmy, 15 years old.
6. Zakaria Helmy Fahmy, 29 years old, agriculture worker, married with 3
7. Helmy Fahmy Makar, 61 years old, Farmer, martyred with his 3 sons,
Zakaria, Ashraf and Amir.
8. Maysoon Ghatas Fahmy, 11 years old girl, martyred with her brother Adel
Ghatas Fahmy.
9. Adel Ghatas Fahmy, 23 years old, single.
10. Bouna Gibrael Abdel-Messih, 50 years old housewife, mother of 4
daughters and 2 sons.
11. Wael El-Dabai Mikhail, 17 years old, single.
12. Refaat Zaghlool Gaber, 27 years, Agriculture worker, eldest of his
13. Gaber Sedrak Said, 85 years old, married with 3 sons, one of them;
Refaat Gaber Sedrak was martyred in the same incident.
14. Tadros Lawendy Tadros, 76 years old, Agriculture worker, has 3 sons,
one of them, Nasser Tadros Lawendy, was martyred with him.
15. Nasser Tadros Lawendy, 26 years old, single.
16. Mamdouh Noshi Sadek, 32 years old, married with 3 children.
17. Amdan Zarif Kedis, 25 years old, single.
18. Atef Ezzat Zaki, 24 years old, newly married.
19. Wahib Guirguis Hanna, 51 years old, married with 10 children.
20. Refaat Fayez Awad Fahmy, 15 years old and has 7 brothers.
21. Moawad Shenouda Moawad, 50 years old, married with 4 children.

These are beside 24 Christians injured.

Many of those martyrs had their throats slit open, some were shot by gunfire and some were burned beyond recognition.

Hundreds of homes, stores and factories, which belonged to Christians in El-Kosheh, were looted, destroyed and burned down.

At the time of the atrocities, January 2 - 4, 2000, there was no police presence in the village and the police never responded to any call by Christians. That implicated the Egyptian Police for well planed and executed crimes. SHAME ON YOU EGYPTIAN POLICE.

Up till now, those who committed these crimes are not punished. The victims and their families are not properly compensated. That implicates the Justice system in Egypt, biased against the Christians, WHAT A JUSTICE SYSTEM !

Thank you Egyptian Muslims for your New Millennium present that shocked the whole world.

God does not forget. He avenges in due time.