Report from Sydney : 

H G Bishop Wissa Explains our responsibility toward 
our people in Egypt.

Bishop Wissa:

Christianity teaches us to be strong and always witness to the truth and
  never it had been weak or passive
. The marches conducted in Sydney  and Washington were executed in a very peaceful and Christian manner. 

Their aim is first, to create public awareness to the world of what is happening to the Copts in Egypt; secondly, to make it clear to the Egyptian Government that we will not accept such violations of our human rights; and thirdly, to call against the continues injustice directed at the Copts. 

We are not protesting against something that we had and was lost and we are not calling for independence or freedom. We are not advocating an international military interference nor we are praying for an eleventh plague to stick Egypt. 

The Copts are an integral part of Egypt , and indeed they are entitled to be treated on an equal level as the others. Do the authorities differentiate between Egyptians on the basis of their religion? Thatís the question we are raising to the world and the human rights organizations since our own leaders keep turning a blind eye and refuse to listen to us.

Regarding the school of thought that believes of marches and protests as anti-Christian acts, I would like to make some points clear:
When Jesus was struck on the face, he asked his offender, " why did you strike me?". Isn't that a protest?

When the martyrs faced the Roman Emperors, they protested openly against them. They were strong in their faith and in declaring the truth to their tyrants. Not only that but they cursed the Emperors, their followers and their gods. Isnít that a protest? When a 12 year old child stands in front of a great Emperor telling him that what he is doing is wrong and that his gods are nothing but human made mute statues. Isnít that a protest?
When king Nebuchadnezzar told the 3 men to worship the gold image, the rebuked the king and protested against him saying, Ď Let it be known to you O king, that we do not serve your gods, nor we will worship the gold image which you have set up.í (Daniel 3:18) Isn't that a protest?
When the Jews had arrested St. Paul in the temple, he told the commander that he wanted to speak out and defend himself, Ď Brethren and fathers, hear my defense before you now.í (Acts 22:1) Isnít that a protest. Also when he had finished his long speech and was about to be scourged, he said to the centurion, Ď Is it lawful for you to scourge a man who is a Roman, and uncondemned?í (Acts 22:25) Isnít that defending himself, questioning his rights as a citizen, protesting against injustice? !!!
If someone had broken into your house, killed your son, raped your
daughter and kidnapped your wife, what will you do? Will you go inside your room and just pray?!! Or will you defend your family and their rights till the last breath !!

Anba Wissa had referred to this mentality as the Ď sick religious conceptí
and said regarding this issue:

ď If someone strikes me on the face, I can accept it because the act was
against me personally, but when he strikes my child, how can I not say or
do anything about it?
This is my child which God had granted me to take
care of, to serve, and to be my full responsibility in every way. If I
don't meet my duties towards that child as a father, what will I say to God
in the last day? Will I tell him that I just prayed for him and that is
it?!! I am afraid that will not be good enough and the blood of that child
will be on me. Of course, prayer is the number one solution but we must do our duties so God can bless and help us, for he said to the people to roll the stone from Lazarus tomb. Do you think that God was not able to make Lazarus rise from the dead without the rolling of the stone?!! The martyrs of El-Kosheh are my sons and daughters and they are my responsibility.

 I can not see them in such a trauma and not do anything about it. You here, must raise up your voices and keep on calling out on behalf of your
brethren in Egypt, because they can not
. Your voices have been heard very clearly in Egypt and you must continue and never give up. You are their hope after God. God bless you all.Ē